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For Counsellors/Teachers

ICC Foundation in association with Oleevia Foundation is envisioning the empowerment of teachers and helping the teachers to acquire additional skills essential for their career excellence. Our vision is to train more than 500000 teachers across the country as certified career counsellors as there is a huge shortage of certified career counsellors in India. Majority of the students end up in choosing a wrong career which eventually leads to career dissatisfaction and disappointment. Teachers are the one who can help the students to design their life by providing them a clear career route map. So, we need more teachers to join in this mission to help millions of students to design their life and career.

How does it help Teachers?

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10 Reasons to Join the Mission

  • Gain credibility & acceptability through a reputed international certification
  • Broaden your career in the education industry
  • Better connect to the subjects and careers in the classroom to guide students
  • Value Addition to your profile
  • Start your own business as a certified career coach and independent Counselling Practitioner
  • Get the best resources and tools required for a career counsellor
  • Measure student interests, Aptitude and Skills using various psychometric assessments
  • Get deep insight on various entrance exams and admission processes
  • Strengthen your core skills with structured training
  • Get connected with industry experts and international career counsellors

Demo Videos

“Amazing training program and the trainers are fantastic and one outstanding point I noticed that every module that I learned really touched my heart and only when it touches our heart, we will be motivated to apply what we have learned. The entire course was highly effective and practical and if you could enroll and spare one week for this program, it is truly a great investment!”

Delisha Blessy – SH School Kottayam