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About Us

We are a group of Certified Career Counsellors started our journey with a great mission to help students to find their universal mission. We do this by creating a career route map, self-inventory and by providing regular and systematic training. Along the way we realized that the biggest problem that we are facing is the lack of qualified career counsellors.
So, through careful research, analysis and studies, our team have designed International Career Counselling certification module and our aim is to ensure that every school has minimum one qualified career counsellor.

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Our Mission

If you don’t design your own life plan, chances are you will fall in to someone else’s plan and guess what have they planned for you, Not Much!” Our mission is to help every student to design their own life plan and create a career route map by providing the right training, information, tools and guidance.

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Our Journey

We have given certification to more than 20000 Teachers so far and our vision is to train more than 300000 Teachers.




College Graduates



“ICC Certification was absolutely an eye opener for me and it helped me immensely to start a new career as a certified career coach. The joy of helping students to choose the right career is beyond words. The tools and resources that I have received was fantastic. What else to say: I strongly recommend every teacher to enroll yourself for this wonderful training program”:

Gladys Arooja- High Range School Munnar